From Sept. 1 to 7, it is CNS week in North America !

Our goal is to ensure that the CNS across the province are visible… within the health care system !

We make a difference in health care by reducing further the mortality and morbidity rate of clients / patients / residents.

One reference that I often use is:

Lewandowski, W., & Adamle, K. (2009). Substantive areas of Clinical Nurse Specialist practice: A comprehensive review of the literature. Clinical Nurse Specialist Journal, 23 (2), 73-90.

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Paul-André Gauthier, Inf./RN, CNS; PhD (nursing)

National Treasurer & Membership Coordinator.

Clinical Nurse Specialist Association of Canada.  CNS-C.

Association des infirmières et infirmiers cliniciens spécialisés du Canada.  ICS-C.


CNSABC’s New Executive. Thank you to all for previous and on-going support!

CNSABC AGM 2017 Executive



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CNS Competencies April 2, 2014 Forum.
The forum discussion to support the CNS competencies framework was presented at the CNA Biennial Conference in June 2014. For a summary report from this forum, click: Highlights.